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[OFFICIAL] TibiaCam TV 10.93 / Tibia cam 10.93 / Tibia cast

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[OFFICIAL] TibiaCam TV 10.93 / Tibia cam 10.93 / Tibia cast

Mensagem por Mentalna92 em Qua Maio 04 2016, 09:41

TibiaCam TV 10.93 / Tibia cam 10.93 / Tibia cast 10.93

TibiaCam TV is a program that allows playback and video recording of Tibia in
.cam format. He saw the light of day on April 18 this year.

* acceleration cutscene.
* rewind 30 seconds back during playback.
* a series of commands (see later in this guide)
* jump to any moment,
* option to upload the movie on the main page of the program, where it is generated. In
description shows all information concerning cutscene - who recorded him as monsters
It has been killed, what quests were made in recording time and many others.

* Download tibiacam TV
* Launch a file that married:
* Select a language for the installation and select the directory in which it is to install a program (optional).
* Required is a 2.2MB of free space on the disk.


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